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May 4, 2017

Welcome, Cymande and Gregg!

White Mountain Community Health Center is pleased to welcome two new family nurse practitioners to the practice.  Cymande Baxter-Rogers and Gregg Rogers each bring 12 years of experience serving patients in rural Florida, and are both working on psychiatric certification.  

The health center is excited to share both Cymande and Gregg’s talents and expertise with our patients and the community.  Executive Assistant Siena Kaplan-Thompson interviewed each of them the other day to start the introduction.

Cymande and Gregg are accepting new pediatric and adult patients.  The health center accepts private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare.  A sliding fee scale and other financial assistance are available for patients who are uninsured or have deductibles.  Call White Mountain Community Health Center at (603) 447-8900 and press 1 to schedule an appointment. 

These interviews have been edited for length.


Cymande Baxter-Rogers MSN, BS, FNP-BC

Tell me a bit about yourself.  What do you think your new patients would find interesting about you?

I’m a big picture thinker and love to solve complicated problems.  I’m excited to put this to use in rural New Hampshire.

What got you interested in medicine?

In high school I really enjoyed science, and I liked that medicine used science in a practical way, in a way that was directly helpful to the world. 

Has it turned out that way? Is that what you enjoy about practicing medicine?

It has!  I like interpreting science for patients, taking new findings and turning them into plans that are adaptable and useful for patients.  If something new comes along that changes what I’ve been doing for twelve years, I’m pretty ok with that.

I also like that I can help people achieve the life they envision – it’s a partnership I enjoy.

You’re going to be getting your psychiatric certification next year.  Why did you decide to pursue that, and how will it change how you practice?

It seems like there’s a mental health crisis nationwide. [In Florida] patients would come in with physical complaints but the root of the problem would turn out to be psychiatric.  As a certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, I won’t have to refer patients automatically for complex psychiatric problems.  I’ll be able to manage many psychiatric diagnoses where patients receive their primary care.  I see this as relief for families, patients and the system as a whole.

Now for something completely different: I heard that you’ve done some voice acting in the past.  Tell me more about that!

I talk all day, and it was something I was interested in, so I thought I could do some training and it would be useful for both.  It was really fun doing some silly commercials, local car commercials and things like that. 

What’s it like working with your spouse?

It’s easy, actually.  It’s nice that we understand each other’s work environment so there’s not a lot of explaining about what’s going on.  But we actually don’t see each other in the office too much.

Mt. Washington Valley is pretty different from Florida.  What are you most looking forward to about being in New Hampshire?

Hiking!  In Florida there are no mountains.  And being in a creative community.  We loved Gainesville’s cultural life, and we love that we can still have that culture while being in a rural area.

What are you most excited about in working at White Mountain Community Health Center?

The [internal] community support.  Having so many different kinds of care providers in one building is really reassuring, and very different from the last place we were practicing.  It was always a challenge to get someone to the dentist, to the therapist, to prenatal care.  This is great.  It feels just like what care should be.  I’m happy to be a part of helping a rural community function at its best. 


Gregg Rogers MSN, BS, FNP-BC

Tell me a bit about yourself.  What do you think your new patients would find interesting about you?

We moved to Florida twelve years ago with the National Health Service Corps to serve the underserved rural population in Florida and we helped establish a practice and a group of rural health clinics.  I’m returning to New England, a place I consider home.  My parents lived in Gilford for several years and we vacationed every summer in the lakes region.

What got you interested in medicine?

After getting my degree in biology, I worked in biotech, but I didn’t find that very fulfilling. I ended up working as a tech in a hospital and that got me interested in nursing.  I eventually ended up at Mass General in the family nurse practitioner program.

What do you love about being a nurse practitioner?

I love promoting healthy lifestyles, watching patients achieve goals they set, and helping along the way.  I enjoy helping people during stressful times in their lives, helping them get through those periods.

You’re going to be getting your psychiatric certification next year.  Why did you decide to pursue that, and how will it change how you practice?

In Florida there’s very limited access to psychiatric care, and we had to take on the role of psychiatrist.  Because of that, we both felt the need to learn more about it so we could provide competent psychiatric care in the primary care setting.  Most providers didn’t want to deal with psychiatry, or they’d refer them, but there was a 6 month wait, and with an acute psychiatric condition that doesn’t really work. 

My psychiatric NP certification will help me manage complex issues within my role as a primary care provider. 

What’s your secret talent or hobby?

Since having our twin boys I haven’t been doing much of it, but I love to paint. We lived on Cape Ann for many years and I had shows regularly.  I’m interested in getting back to that.  I have to figure out how to integrate my kids into that.  Part of our mission moving up north was to spend more time with our family. 

Sandwich is pretty different from Florida – what’s the hardest thing about the move?  What are you most looking forward to about being in New Hampshire, or enjoying already?

The technical stuff was hard – we got snowed in a couple times, lost power, and had to figure out how to deal with that. We didn’t have the right tires on our car or the right clothes for our children.  We made a lot of trips to North Conway as we figured out what we needed. 

We really wanted our kids to grow up in New England and experience all the seasons.  We’ve loved it so far, the outdoor sports, hiking, skiing, it’s been great.

What are you most excited about in working at WMCHC?  How is it different from or similar to the last place you worked? 

For the past twelve years I’ve worked primarily in pediatrics and with young adults.  I feel like I’m skilled at managing pediatrics and I’m excited to work with adults and promote health through the lifespan, which is what my original training was.