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Partners in Health

Partners in Health (PIH) is a state-wide program that provides support to families of children with chronic health conditions, or to young adults themselves, regardless of income. White Mountain Community Health Center houses Carroll County's PIH program, which is open to both patients and non-patients.

PIH is open to any family with a child aged 20 or younger whose chronic physical health condition has been certified by their provider and is expected to last at least 12 months, and affects the child's ability to function daily or requires frequent and intensive medical care. Children who have developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, obesity, or a dental condition alone are not eligible.

If your child has a chronic health condition, please do not hesitate to contact our PIH family support coordinator, Debra Meader, at (603) 447-4240 or dmeader@whitemountainhealth.org. Debra will meet with you wherever it is most convenient for you and your family, at home or at her office. She will help you establish family needs and goals and a plan to achieve them, including helping you apply for programs, find financial assistance, and set up whatever support systems your family needs.

PIH also creates chances for the children and families it serves to connect with each other through fun gatherings and helping children attend camps that support their needs.