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Jun 15, 2017

Shawn Flanagan-Rogers, APRN, announces retirement

Shawn Flanagan-Rogers, APRN, has announced her retirement after serving as the pediatric nurse practitioner for first the Children & Youth Project and then White Mountain Community Health Center for 27 years. Shawn will be leaving the health center in July. She will be replaced by Cymande Baxter-Rogers, APRN, who has been at the health center since April and has already begun to get to know her patients.

Throughout her career, Shawn has been devoted to caring for young people in underserved communities like the one in Chicago where she grew up.  Shawn came to the health center in 1991 when it was the Children & Youth Project and treated only young people who were uninsured. Before that, Shawn had graduated from the first nurse practitioner program in the country, at Northeastern University, and spent twelve years in Boston serving at an urban community health center. 

In a letter to patients, Shawn wrote, “Ever since becoming a nurse practitioner in 1972, I have been passionate about community health. A child is part of a family, which is part of a broader community. I know that to truly thrive we need the support of the community around us.

“For this reason I have dedicated my career to community health centers, which encompass a broader scope than simply addressing a specific physical problem. They include support services, an emphasis on access to care regardless of ability to pay, and helping individuals and families navigate a complex medical system. After I retire, these values and services will continue to drive the pediatric department at the White Mountain Community Health Center.”

Over the years, Shawn has become beloved by her patients because of the deep care she has for them and her devotion to ensuring that they each get the individual treatment and support they need to be truly healthy. She wrote, “Over the last 27 years I have had the privilege of caring for many of the amazing families in our community and building relationships that have lasted across two generations.”

Shawn has brought a pragmatism and deep understanding of the true difficulties her patients face to the practice. She has always been intent on discovering the underlying causes of her patients’ health difficulties by earning their trust and taking the time to have real conversations about their lives.

Shawn will be leaving her patients in good hands. She wrote, “Cymande has 12 years of experience seeing children and young adults at a community health center in rural Florida that is very similar to ours. I am glad that you will have the opportunity for her to be your child’s healthcare provider. I am confident in her skills and compassion as a fellow nurse practitioner who cares about community health. It is a comfort to me to know that my patients will have a capable and caring provider after I leave.”

Patients curious about Cymande and her husband Gregg Rogers, APRN, who is also a new primary care provider at the health center, can read more about both practitioners in an interview published in the Conway Sun on May 3rd of this year. The interview can be read here.

With one grandchild already and two more on the way, Shawn writes, “I have come to a point in my life where I am ready to retire and spend more time with my family and all of the people I love.” She will also continue the work she has always done beyond the health center. For the past decade, Shawn has traveled to Haiti annually with a team of other practitioners to help fill that country’s ongoing health care shortage. After her retirement, she writes “I will continue to remain very involved in organizations that support health care for children in this community and internationally.” She hopes to continue her work in Haiti and in East African countries where she has worked in the past as well.

Community members with questions about the transition may contact the health center front desk at (603) 447-8900.

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