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Jul 6, 2015

Electronic medical records

We now have an electronic medical record system!

We now have an electronic medical record system! Upgrading from paper medical records has not been easy or inexpensive, but it was an important step to take to ensure that we are meeting current standards for patient care. We chose e-MDs as our EMR system as it came highly recommended by another New Hampshire community health center.

Having an electronic medical record (EMR) system in place is a best practice for medical facilities because of EMR's potential to improve the quality of patient care, reduce errors, and facilitate patient education. The new system allows us to analyze the care we are giving patients in a way that was impossible with paper records. For example, we can easily monitor the records of patients with diabetes to see if we are providing the recommended tests on a regular basis.

The system also makes our workflow smoother. Once charts are in the electronic system we don't need to run them up and down stairs every time they're needed they come right up on the computer. This means that when patients call, we can pull their charts up and answer questions instantaneously, instead of having to call back once we've retrieved the chart from downstairs. When labs get sent out for analysis, the results go straight onto their electronic charts. This saves the time we used to spend filing, reduces the risk of errors in copying information, and the system also alerts us if we don't get the results back when they're expected.

The EMR system allows our providers to look at this information on a graph so that they can see a patient's blood pressure or other indicators changing over time. These graphs can be used during appointments so that patients can get a better picture of their own health. Patients can also get a print-out of important information from their appointment before they leave; remember to ask your provider if you would like one.

These are only some of the benefits of EMRs, and we continue to unlock new features every month. We appreciate your patience as we adapt to this new system; we are excited to continue to share with you all that it can do.