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Dec 29, 2016

A warm thank you to Carter's

The pediatric program at White Mountain Community Health Center extends a sincere thank you to Carter's in Settlers Green, and its customers, who donated 620 sets of pajamas to our patients through Pajama Program.

Many families have trouble keeping up with growing kids. Warm pajamas are a comfort to children who might be in cold houses or stressful situations, and help them feel secure. In line with Pajama Program's "Good Night Bill of Rights," these pajamas offer children a sense of stability, help them to feel loved and cared for, provide them something special of their own, and help to give them a good night and a good day.

In 2015, Carter's partnered with Pajama Program to provide one million new pajamas to children in need. Customers purchasing children's clothing were given the opportunity to donate pajamas to a family need at the time of their purchase.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who contributed; it means a lot to our young patients to be handed a new set of cozy pajamas when their families are going through a hard time. You can still donate to Pajama Program here.